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Hi, my name is Luis Escobar

I’m a digital business development consultant who specializes in WordPress, Web & Mobile Native Applications, Open Source Technologies, User Experience Design and Direct Response Marketing.

Online Since Circa 2004

I’ve been building and maintaining web-based solutions for 14 years now. While I’ve worked across many areas of technology and the web, a major focus is on providing high-value WordPress Development and Internet Marketing Consulting. I’ve spent the majority of the last 8 years building custom WordPress solutions, as well as launching and maintaining “direct response” internet marketing campaigns for some major brands, events and public figures.

Successful Relationships

I like to establish long-term relationships with my clients and will involve you in each step of the creative process. Over the years, I’ve developed enough experience to know that I only really do five things well. Knowing what you do well is at least half the battle, so I’m happy knowing my five. If these could help you, I may be interested in doing so (even though I say no a lot). And while it’s true that sometimes I give services away for free, I have a strict process and strategy for selecting those cases, so be prepared (and not afraid) to talk about your budget.

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