I know how to create the right culture for high performance teams

Getting the right people on the bus is only the start. Now you have to turn them into a high performing team. I can help with that.

I know how to evaluate markets and design successful products

How do you shape a product that will win in the markets you take it into? By knowing the markets, competition, an prospect pains. Want help?

I know how to help you think about pricing and conversions

Are you pricing like Walmart? Cheap recurring purchases? Or like Apple with premium pricing? Let’s talk pricing strategy so that you’re not leaving money on the table. After all, it’s not just about volume or margin. It’s about maximized profits – which is something different.

I know how to think strategically about your marketing and design.

I’ll help focus your design and marketing efforts on what really matter. Let me help you achieve about your design and marketing goals in the context of your goals conversions. We’ll talk about your existing issues, how to work through them, and how to improve your interface over time. I’ll act as an objective 3rd party, providing advice and direction, helping you translate your business strategy into actionable design.

I know how to develop custom-made, intuitive web solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

I design simple and easy-to-use web pages, forms, funnels, and other interface/web elements that are necessary for crucial interaction points in your online business. This includes but is not limited to Landing Pages, Product Sales Funnels, Membership Sites, E-commerce Sites, and application interfaces. I can redesign an existing interface or design new screens from scratch. If necessary, I can also work with your visual designers to incorporate any existing look/feel. The result can be a detailed wireframe, a high-fidelity Mockup, HTML/CSS, or Custom WordPress.

State of the Art Digital Business Development

I write clean, semantic, standards compliant code. I love working with HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress. With that said, I also have experience working with JavaScript (including the jQuery library), PHP, AJAX, MySQL, and several other technologies. I build the majority of my websites in WordPress, and you should too. I provide information architecture (wireframes) and visual design and styling (mockups) to make sure your site is designed smartly and beautifully. I’ve designed and developed countless WordPress themes for wide range of projects – from small businesses that need an online presence, to enterprise level websites that receive hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

Luis Escobar – CEO

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