Do you need A New Web Presence ?

My goal is to deliver an easy to use and full-featured website which you can operate and maintain yourself. The aim is to get you up and running in as quickly as possible while providing maximum value for your budget and needs. I will then be available for any maintenance and follow up work if needed. If you’re starting from completely from scratch, I can help with all phases of the project including choosing the right technology, branding and design, implementation and launch. Or, if you already have a website in place but need to convert it to a more manageable platform, I can also help. To this end, I have extensive experience bringing older sites up to date with current technology and migrating content.

Do you help With WordPress ?

Do you already have a WordPress site in place and need help with current or desired functionality? Are you having difficulty getting your purchased theme to look like the demo or do you need it to do something different than the default? I have experience setting up and extending themes, configuring and trouble-shooting plugins, optimizing for performance and doing WordPress migrations. Let me know what you need and I will tell you if I can help and how long it will take. These projects are estimated according to defined tasks and billed using an hourly rate.

Do you a Reliable Developer ?

Are you frustrated with changing developers regularly? I’m also open to discounted monthly retainer agreements (essentially prepaid hours to use within that month). You’ll get a discount off of my hourly rate and I’ll make sure I’m available to provide those hours within the month. This is what you want if you constantly need WordPress work done, and need someone to answer the phone. If the fit is right for both of us, I can offer my services on a ongoing basis. If you know what you want, and the scope of your project is strictly defined, I might be able to quote you a flat rate for the job instead of billing you my standard hourly rates. Retainer agreements start at $3,000.00 (US) per month. Please send me a message letting me know what you need, and we can discuss.

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