Creating Magic With WordPress

A successful website doesn’t just look great; it should be simple to maintain. I build websites using the WordPress platform, an open-source Content Management System. WordPress is an amazing, community supported web publishing platform. With WordPress I can deliver a beautiful, sophisticated and easy to manage websites that are search engine optimized. Best of all, my clients can easily manage their own websites because it’s as easy as editing a Word document.

Adaptive Design

If your website does not adapt to different devices, screen sizes and web browsers then I wouldn’t consider your website 100% complete. In my opinion, websites must be aesthetically appealing and easily accessible at ALL interaction points from ANY device using ANY screen size. In order to deliver this impactful user experience to your marketplace, all webpages must have several visual designs and user experiences intentionally designed and developed.

Facebook Apps

Why wouldn’t you integrate your website with the leading sources of leads? Even though the question should be redundant, many websites aren’t even designed to be Facebook App ready. I have extensive experience integrating the Facebook platform with WordPress. Facebook is becoming bigger and bigger by the minute. Not being available to your marketplace on Facebook might soon become more detrimental than not being mobile friendly..

Custom Integrations

In many cases, you want to build an innovative website and WordPress is only one part of a complex project. You may also need to integrate custom user authentication, e-commerce, membership subscriptions, bulletin boards, CRM(client relationship managers) and so on. I have expert knowledge in performing these integrations correctly with WordPress and have helped many fine folks achieve their desired results.

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