Strategic Solutions

Have an idea but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? That’s what I’m here for. I’ll help focus your design, development and marketing efforts on what really matters. We’ll talk about your existing issues, how to work through them, and how to achieve higher goals. I’ll act as an objective 3rd party, providing […]

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Visual Design & User Experience

They certainly aren’t the same thing, but you need both elegant design and a smooth user experience to make a quality product. We provide a full range of design services including user interface critiques and application interface design along with more traditional website and web service designs. We can help you establish a brand or […]

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Advance Website Development

I design develop simple and easy-to-use web pages, forms, funnels, and other interface/web elements that are necessary for crucial interaction points in your online business. This includes but is not limited to Landing Pages, Product Sales Funnels, Membership Sites, E-commerce Sites, and application interfaces. I can redesign an existing interface or design new screens from […]

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Internet Marketing Campaign Strategies

All online marketing is based on one simple principle. You must generate more profit than it costs to acquire visitors. A successful internet marketing campaign strategy means targeted, resourceful, measurable tactics paired with profitable results. Identifying the right strategies, aligning with your goals and delivering effective digital materials is our expertise. I’ll connect with your […]

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Web Systems Administration

Web sites, applications and services are a lot more interesting when they interoperate. I build systems that integrate seamlessly with other sources and offer data and functionality via clean APIs. I have created extensive integrations with WordPress (such as custom authentication, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Tools), and other Open Source applications. Naturally my routine is […]

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance

I’ll act as an ongoing partner by providing consulting, design, maintenance, and development services. Whenever necessary all you have to do is message me. I’ll get your site upgraded to the latest and greatest, and have your plugins modified, if needed. Also, let me run a fine comb over your site and fix any potential […]

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